Protein-packed Breakfast Plate

I woke up to another fantabulous morning today, so I decided that a full plate for breakfast would be perfect to help me sustain that positivity and happy hormones in my system. As usual, I was sifting through some YouTube videos about meal preparations and pretty much ended up watching variations of common foods that … Continue reading Protein-packed Breakfast Plate


Gluten-Free Pancakes for Kids and Kids at Heart!

A pancake is everyone's favorite! Let's face it. My kid craves for pancakes like crazy, and no wonder he got it from his mother-ME. We both enjoy classic buttermilk pancakes with creamy butter spread and maple syrup. Best to top pancakes with your all-time favorite fruits like strawberries, bananas or what have you. Since I … Continue reading Gluten-Free Pancakes for Kids and Kids at Heart!